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Episcopal Visit May 26, 2010
Archbishop Charles Smith, OSF and Fr. Rick Hobbs
to the Holy Theotokos of Mercy Community

Mother Barb decided to have some fun to welcome Archbishop Charles and Fr. Rick for their Episcopal Visit. Mother Barb and Mother Myrella doing the dishes Mothers Barb and Myrella treated Archbishop Charles and Fr. Rick to a Prime Rib lunch at a local restaurant. To say the least, the Fathers were surprised at the size of the Prime Rib served. Archbishop's plate was not served at the time of the picture. The cost -- just $11.00/person as a lunch special everyday of the week at this wonderful restaurant!!!! Archbishop Charles giving Mother Barb a hug. Archbishop is relaxing and having fun at the home of Mother Barb and Myrella! Archbishop Charles talking with Mothers Barb and Myrella Mother Myrella leaning on her car listening to the conversation Mother Myrella relaxing in the kitchen before setting up for Liturgy From Left to Right:
Mother Barb Martzall
Archbishop Charles E. Smith, OSF (Archbishop/Metropolitan of the Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church)
Mother Myrella LeClair II From Left to Right:
Mother Barb Martzall
Fr. Rick Hobbs (Chancellor of the Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church)
Mother Myrella LeClair II Mother Barb teaching Archbishop Charles what the hieroschemamonk/schema-hegumen monastic vestments comprise of before putting on the outer cassock. Mother Barb showing the Archbishop how a hieroschemamonk/schema-hegumen would be dressed if attending but not celebrating Liturgy. Mother Myrella (not in monastic habit) with Mother Barb (in monastic habit)