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Archive of Past Spiritual Writings and Orthodox Theological Writings

It was decided that since the Holy Theotokos of Mercy Community was to be the spiritual mother house for the Eastern Rite Monastics of the Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church, that the Spirituality and Theology web pages would be discontinued. In their place a monastic newsletter would be published and posted to the web site.

It was also decided that we would maintain the old Spirituality and Theology writings on the web site for others to read as they desired. Thus this particular web page was put together to "house" the old Spirituality and Theology writings.

Spiritual Writings

What Is Orthodox Christian Spirituality?

How Orthodox Spirituality Developed (Part One)

How Orthodox Spirituality Developed (Part Two)

How Orthodox Spirituality Developed (Part Three)

Essential Foundations of Orthodox Christian Spirituality (Part One)

Essential Foundations of Orthodox Christian Spirituality (Part Two)


Orthodox Theological Writings

The Prayer Rope

The Jesus Prayer



Love One Another....